NeJe 1500mW Laser Engraver. An HONEST Review

NeJe 1500mW Laser Engraver. An HONEST Review

Laser engraving services are now provided by many companies. However, paying them money is only worthwhile if you are going to engrave on harder surfaces such as glass or metal. Laser engraving on paper, plastic, leather or wood can also be done at home with a laser engraving machine NEJE DK – BL1500mw. For soft materials, full power, very simple operation.

These engraving machines have:

  • Power of 1500 mW, an integrated 6000 mAh battery
  •  Bluetooth 4.0 communication module.
  • The the engraving machine can be operated not only by the computer but also by smartphone.
  • The software in this machine is equipped with a special filtering algorithm that quickly and qualitatively adapts any image to laser engraving. (This saves time and maximizes quality).

There are some photos of this laser engraving machine

manufacturer’s photo


1. The NEJE DK-BL1500mw laser engraving machine has become a special reason for choosing the intensity of engraving. In other words, the longer the laser is heated, the more engraved the image becomes. This is a useful technical solution for NEJE DK – BL1500mw and allows you to engrave images on a variety of surfaces.

2. For example, low-intensity engraving is ideal for engraving on paper, and higher intensity firing of the same place is useful when you want to engrave sharp objects on a wood or plastic surface.

3. Finally, I would also like to add that the NEJE DK – BL1500mw has a special power button that ensures that little kids do not use these engraving machines. In addition, a significant advantage of the NEJE DK – BL1500mw is the easy replacement of the laser

Other people Thoughts

Nicole. Just be reproaching the functioning of laser engraving machines. They are ideal for both paper and plastic engraving. I just want to emphasize that NEJE DK – BL1500mw is definitely not suitable for engraving on metal surfaces. “NEJE DK – BL1500mw” must be, I want to praise these machine integrated batteries, what man.

Yasa. I bought the engraving machine just for curiosity and more than I expected. NEJE DK – BL1500mw does its job well, is small, most important, as well as more mobile on the integrated battery. I can confirm that NEJE DK – BL1500mw is ideal for engraving on wood.

Csipi1987. I am extremely pleased to have chosen this call. The delivery was very fast and the packing was excellent and reliable. I like to make NEJE DK – BL1500mw easy to use. Be, I would like to commend these engraving interest groups for accuracy, speed and affordability. I can safely recommend this event.

Andybb. It works great once you figure out how to turn it on and how to use the software. As expected, the instructions suck but that is just a minor inconvenience. Loaded the drivers and the software found the machine without any issues. It seems that 3 things control the quality of your results. Burn time, # of repetitive passes and material you are burning. After a test on cardboard, I went right to hard maple. Increase the burn time and the laser slows down and digs into the material but if you are doing something that requires a lot of detail like a very small butterfly it seems you are better off lowering the burn time and making 2 or 3 passes. Make no mistake about it, you are “burning” the material so you can understand that a longer burn time kinda decreases the “resolution” as it burns the surrounding material. As far as resolution goes, it can print words in sizes too small to even see with incredible detail. It works on pens just fine. (dowels in my test) The software comes with 300-400 images and I was able to grab a jpeg of Muhammad Ail’s eyes off of the web and print that. I’m sure other software suites can do more but for me, it gives me what looks like the suite of MS Word fonts so I’m good.

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If you have any questions. Write in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

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